Viola pallens.

Violet Family. Apr. - May.

Plant 3 - 5 inches tall. Found in moist, wooded places. Common.


White with purple veins, side divisions usually bearing a small tuft of hairs, slightly fragrant.


Round heart-shaped, slightly scalloped.

Lance-Leaved Violet

Viola lanceolata.

Violet Family. Apr. - June.

Found in moist ground. Nova Scotia to Minnesota and southward.


White, purple veined, side divisions beardless.


Long, narrow, indistinctly scalloped, tapering into a long stem.

Canada Violet

Viola canadensis.

Violet Family. May - July.

Found in woodlands, very widely-distributed, mountainous and hilly country chiefly. Easily distinguished from other white violets by its tall leafy stem 6 - 24 inches high.


White or pale lavender, violet tinged on the outside, side divisions bearded, lower one striped with fine dark lines.


Heart-shaped, pointed, toothed.