Beautiful Gardens In America

With more than 170 photographs and 16 full-page color reproductions. $5.00 net.

"A pure delight, a book for every day of the year, a thing of beauty. . . . Indeed, the volume comes at the right time, when the art of gardening has attained its true place in our scheme of living." - New York Tribune.

Continuous Bloom In America

Profusely illustrated. $2.00 net.

" A charming, scholarly, lavishly illustrated manual of 'where, when, what to plant, with other gardening suggestions.' It is redolent of open-air glee and stimulation, balanced by well-tried knowledge." - Chicago Herald.

The Seasons In A Flower Garden

A handbook of information and instruction for the amateur. Illustrated. $1.00 net.

" Pleasant and useful, and may be confidently recommended to amateur gardeners." - New York Times.

" A manual admirably adapted in every way to the needs of people who desire to utilize a small garden space to the best possible advantage." - Providence Journal.

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