How To Know The Wild Flowers

With colored plates and black-and-white drawings. Crown 8vo, $2.00 net.

" I am delighted with it ... it is exactly the kind of work needed for outdoor folk who live in the country but know little of systematic botany. It is a wonder no one has written it before." - Hon. Theodore Roosevelt.

How To Know The Ferns

With 150 full-page illustrations. Crown 8vo, $1.50 net.

" The inspiration that entered into and made ' How to Know the Wild Flowers' so deservedly popular has not been lost in 'How to Know the Ferns.' " - New York Times.

According To Season

Talks about the flowers in the order of their appearance in the woods and fields. With 32 full-page illustrations in colors from drawings by Elsie Louise Shaw. $1.75 net.

"It is a privilege to own such a bock, for its artistic charm and its contents well deserve their setting." - The Dial.

" The charm of this book is as pervading and enduring as is the charm of nature." - New York Times.

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