Perennial, having stems, flowers yellow. Open woods. Pennsylvania and Ohio to Georgia and Alabama. Frequent in northern Ohio. April, May.


Rather smooth, slender, four to ten inches high.


Halberd-shaped or oblong, heart-shaped, slightly serrate, acute, often mottled.


Yellow, marked with dark lines; lateral petals bearded; sepals linear, lanceolate, acute; spur short; stipules ovate, small.

Halberd Leaved Violet. Viola hastata

Halberd-Leaved Violet. Viola hastata

The woods of northern Ohio are given in the books as the first recorded habitat of this Violet. It is a true woodland species and is often found crowded in between the anchoring divisions of tree trunks or the exposed roots of forest trees. Its leaves are especially beautiful, a deep rich green, of thicker texture than those of other Violets, and often mottled. The flower is deep yellow with dark lines.