Perennial or biennial. Sandy or rocky places. Ontario to Manitoba, south to Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri. Found in northern Ohio. April, May.

Lyre Leaved Rock Cress. Arabis lyrata

Lyre-Leaved Rock-Cress. Arabis lyrata


Erect, slender, smooth, or pubescent, one or several rising from a rosette of spreading leaves.


Basal leaves lyrate, spatu-late, or oblanceolate, more or less toothed, three-fourths to two inches long; stem-leaves spatulate or linear, one-half to one inch long.


White crucifers, rather large; petals much longer than the calyx; pods one-half to an inch long, linear, nerved.

The Lyre-Leaved Rock-Cress appears on sandy hillsides in sunny places. The little rosette from which the stems arise is about from three to four inches across and made of many small, deeply cut, obovate leaves. The stems vary in number from one to four and bear at their summit a cluster of white flowers rather large for the type. The raceme lengthens as the flowers appear, after the fashion of Cruci-ferce, and a trail of slender pods soon follows.