Perennial, stemless, flowers yellow. Deep, cold woods. Labrador, Ontario, and Minnesota, south to North Carolina. Rare in northern Ohio. April, May.


Long and slender.


Round, ovate heart-shaped, slightly crenate, small at flowering time, afterward becoming four or five inches wide.


Yellow; lateral petals bearded and marked with dark lines; sepals linear-oblong, obtuse; spur very short; summer stolons bear cleistogamous flowers.

The Round-Leaved Violet is something of a recluse, dwelling in the heart of cold, deep woods, not abundant anywhere, yet not infrequent. When in bloom the heart-shaped leaves, about an inch broad, are not especially in evidence, but later in the summer the leaf becomes three or four inches wide and, lying flat on the ground, presents a shining surface that is very noticeable. The plant sends out many stolons in late summer which bear cleistogamous flowers.