Perennial, stemless, flowers white. Swamps and moist lands. Newfoundland to British Columbia, south to North Carolina. Abundant in northern Ohio. April, May.


Very slender, sending out stolons somewhat sparingly.


Small, light green, orbicular to kidney-shaped, heart-shaped with shallow sinus, obtuse apex, crenate.


White, small, slightly fragrant; sepals lanceolate, acute; cleistogamous flowers few.

This is the smallest of the Violets and also one of the earliest to bloom, a tiny creature of the spring nestling in a mossy or grassy bank. In the type the small white petals are broad and rounded, but the type varies into varieties; one with upper petals long, narrow, and somewhat recurved, often bearded and less distinctly-veined; another with broader leaves, loving woods and thickets, the white blossoms beardless and veined. All are white, all stemless, and all most attractive and beautiful.

The Primrose-Leaved Violet, Viola primula-fdlia, also a stemless species with the same range as Viola lance-olata, bears similar white flowers with veined petals from April to June. The leaves are oval or ovate, oblong, and at base somewhat decurrent upon the petiole.

Sweet White Violet in Variety. Viola blanda

Sweet White Violet in Variety. Viola blanda