Flowering stem rather stout, 1 to 3 feet high, leafless, glandular, hirsute. Leaves basal, long petioled, 3 to 4 inches wide with seven to nine rounded, crenate-dentate lobes; the older leaves glabrous or with scattered hairs on the upper surfaces, new leaves usually somewhat pubescent. Flowers greenish yellow, in elongated panicles; calyx tube broadly campanulate, nearly regular, somewhat less than one-fourth of an inch long, five-lobed; petals five, very small, greenish and alternate with the lobes of the calyx which they do not exceed in length. Stamens five, projecting out from the calyx more than one-half their length, anthers orange.

In dry or rocky woods and banks, Ontario to Connecticut, west to Minnesota, south to Alabama and Louisiana. Flowering from May to August.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 89


Alumroot - Heuchera americana