Stems slender or stout, 1 to 2 feet tall, somewhat hairy, especially on the lower surfaces of the leaves, branching at the involucre. Basal leaves.

Long petioled, broader than long, three to five-pointed, the divisions broad, oblong, acute, variously cleft or toothed, those of the primary and secondary involucres similar but sessile. Flowers 1 to 1 inches broad; sepals white or sometimes tinged with pink, oblong, obtuse; head of fruit globose, consisting of numerous flattened, orbicular, pubescent achenes, tipped with stout, persistent styles.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 67

Canada Or Round Leaved Anemone

Canada Or Round-Leaved Anemone - Anemone canadensis

Low grounds, along roadsides, railroads and in open woods, Labrador to Assiniboia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Kansas and Colorado Very closely related to Anemone dichotomaof Siberia. Flowering from May to August, by the development of secondary involucres.