Plant usually hairy when young, sometimes merely appressed-pubescent or glabrate when old; stems ascending or spreading, usually several from a thickened, fibrous, perennial root; at flowering time the stems only a few inches long, later becoming 1 to 2 feet long, but not stoloniferous. Leaves pinnately three to five divided, the divisions ovate, oblong or obovate, narrowed or cuneate at the base, sharply cleft or lobed, usually thin; flowers one-half to 1 inches broad; petals usually five, oblong, about twice as long as the spreading sepals and entire or sometimes slightly notched at the apex; achenes of fruit oval, lenticular, narrowly margined, abruptly tipped by a subulate style of about one-half their length.

In dry woods and thickets, Vermont and Ontario to North Dakota, south to Georgia and Arkansas. Flowering from March to May.

Plate 60

B. Hispid Buttercup

B. Hispid Buttercup - Ranunculus hispidus