The April sun which moves in shafts of misty light early in the cool bright morning shines upon the faces of great white trilliums blossoming in the woods. They are there by dozens, singly, in colonies, in hordes. Huge, clean-cut, with splendid three-parted simplicity which i- their greatest charm, the rare white trilliums gleam in the Illinois woods which still support them. Further north in wilder country they still are common; in Illinois they seem to be limited to the northern third of the state and seldom are found in numbers, pure and white and tall, in the fragrant April woods. The great white trilium is the largest of the family. Yet of them all, the great white has more variations and deformities in blossoming than any others. Few other plants, in fact, present so many variations of a single theme. A trillium should be arranged according to the plan of three, with three petals, no more, and three leaves, and no more. But there may he one with four petals and four leaves, one with two petals and four leaves, one with live petals, six petals, eight petals, even twelve with any number of leaves, or the prescribed number of three. Although these monstrosities are beautiful with their pure white petals, they lose that pristine charm of the true and undeformed white milium which, as many religious folk say, expresses the beauty of the trinity.

Great White Trillium.

Trillium grandiflorum (Michx.) Salisb.

April - May Northern woods.

Trilliums in the woods the spring lives and grows and blossoms and sings and moves all about them.