In late May when most of the delicate flowers of spring are past their blossoming time and the more robust flowers of summer are growing rapidly in the humid warmth of Illinois, the prairie or Canada anemones bloom. In their simple white blossoms held above dark green leaves, these anemones take one back into the vanished days of early spring where blossomed flowers with this same delicacy, this same tremulousness, in a breeze.

Prairie Anemone (Canada Anemone).

Anemone canadensis L.

May - June Bottomlands.. prairie roadsides.

From the heavy alluvial soil of the river banks, there where the bottomland maples and elms give way to a clearing taken over later in the season by horseweeds and trumpet vines, there now may appear a neat bed of the dark green leaves, decorated with the fluttering white flowers of anemone-. They are large enough to be used as a garden flower sturdy of stem, ornamental of leaf, large of flower. These are show plants.

This is the largest of our local anemone-. It may be found on remote river banks, or along a highway where the grassy embankment slope- up to a fence or down to a ditch or in prairie -oil. The anemones always are abundant wherever they grow. There either are none at all or there are dozens, hundred-.

Now in the bright sunshine of late May and early june, they decorate their ehosen patch of prairie with some of the loveliest flowers of the year.