By late -May when the pond is full of the life and growth and song of almost-summer, the wild irises have come into bloom around the shores. The pond shore is a place of plant zones. The wettest of all is the open water where submerged water plants grow and ducks feed. In shallows the Lotuses are coming up, and among them the great blue heron slowly walk-. fishing. The we1 swamp is where the cattails and bulrushes grow, and where the redwings and rails choose to nest. And then comes the wild iris Zone, and the dock- and persicarias on which the mallards Iced in autumn. Beyond are the drier place- where willows border the pond and the yellow warbler builds a neat nest among willow twigs.

Wild Iris (Blue Flag).

Iris shrevei Small.

May - June Swamps, ponds.

Now in the iris zone the slim blue -ilk buds quiver and unfurl themselves with the coming of the sun. Dew dampen- the spears of leaves. The pointed blue bud, a.- pure and perfect as the new day itself opens quickly and its petal- spread themselves to the sky and the sun. They are lavender-blue, deeper on the three veiny fall- with their opalescent coverts and their Yellow beards; paler on the three upright petals arching Over the heart of the flower.

Now to the veiny guide lines on the falls there come the bees which push their way under the opal-colored coverts to reach nectar and pollen deep in the flower. A- they push their way in. the -till' white stamens which arch under the coverts brush pollen onto the hack- of the bees, and when they visit another iris, the pollen is transferred, and pollination i- neatly effected.