Rush-like herbs, With equitant leaves sheathing the base of a naked scape, terminated by a head of perfect 3-androus flowers, with glumaceous calyx and coloured corolla. Capsule 3-valved and 1-celled, containing several or many seeds. Xyris, Gronov. Yellow-eyed Grass.

X. flexuo'sa, Muhl., var. pusill'a, Gray. Scape small and very slender, 2-9 inches high, not bulbous at the base. Flowers in the axils of scale-like bracts densely imbricated in a head. Sepals 3. Petals 3. Fertile stamens 3, with 3 alternating sterile filaments bearded at the apex. - Peat bogs and wet sandy shores, Atl. Prov. and northward.