Low herbaceous or partly woody plants (with us) with perfect flowers, these greenish-white, in terminal or axillary corymbose clusters. Calyx bell-shaped or urn-shaped, 4-5-cleft, adherent to the 1-celled ovary, lined with a 5-lobed disk, the stamens on the edge of the latter between its lobes and opposite the lobes of the calyx, to which the anthers are attached by a tuft of fine hairs. Fruit nut-like, crowned with the persistent calyx-lobes.

Coman'dra. Nutt. Bastard Toad-flax

1. C. umbellata, Nutt. Stem 8-10 inches high, leafy. Leaves oblong, pale-green, an inch long. Flower-clusters at the summit of the stem. Calyx-tube prolonged and forming a neck to the fruit. Style slender. - Dry soil.

2. C. liv'ida, Richardson. Peduncles axillary, slender, several-flowered. Leaves oval, alternate, almost sessile. Fruit pulpy when ripe, red. - Boggy barrens near the Atl. coast, and N.W.

3. C. pal'lida, A. DC. Leaves glaucous, linear to narrowly lanceolate, acute. Fruit ovoid, sessile or on short stout pedicels. - N.W.