Shrubs, with compound transparently-dotted leaves, and an acrid taste. Flowers (with us) dioecious or polygamous, appearing before the leaves. Stamens hypogynous, as many as the petals.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Xanthox'ylum. Flowers dioecious. Ovaries separate, forming pods.

Leaflets more than 3. 2. Ptel'ea. Flowers polygamous. Fruit a samara, winged all round.

Leaflets 3.

1. Xanthox'ylum. L. Prickly Ash

X. America'num, Mill. (Northern Prickly Ash. Toothache Tree.) A prickly shrub, with yellowish-green flowers in dense umbels in the axils. Sepals obsolete or none. Petals 5. Stamens in the sterile flowers 5. Carpels 3-5, forming fleshy 1-2-seeded pods. Fruit very pungent and aromatic. Leaves pinnate, 4-5 pairs, with an odd one at the end. - Forming thickets in low grounds along streams.

2. Pte'lea

L. Shrubby Trefoil. Hop-tree. P. trifoliata, L. A tall shrub with greenish-white small polygamous flowers in compound terminal cymes. Sepals 3-5. Stamens as many. Ovary 2-celled. Stigmas 2. Fruit a 2-celled and 2-seeded samara, winged all round. Leaves of 3 ovate pointed leaflets. - S. W. Ontario.