Stem. - Straight and tall, from two to six feet high. Leaves. - Whorled, lance-shaped, finely toothed. Flowers. - White, small, growing in slender clustered spikes. Calyx. - Irregularly four or five-toothed. Corolla. - Four or five-lobed. Stamens. - Two, protruding. Pistil. - One.

The tall straight stems of the culver's root lift their slender spikes in midsummer to a height that seems strangely at variance with the habit of this genus. The small flowers, however, at once betray their kinship with the speedwells. Although it is, perhaps, a little late to look for the white wands of the black cohosh the two plants might easily be confused in the distance, as they have much the same aspect and seek alike the cool recesses of the woods. This same species grows in Japan and was introduced into English gardens nearly two hundred years ago. It is one of the many Indian remedies which were adopted by our forefathers.