Four to eight inches high. Stems. - Slender. Leaves. - Linear or narrowly lance-shaped. Flowers. - White, large, in terminal clusters. Calyx. - Usually of five sepals. Corolla. - Usually of five two-lobed petals which are more than twice the length of the calyx. Stamens. - Twice as many, or fewer than the petals. Pistil. - One, with as many styles as there are sepals.

This is one of the most noticeable of the chickweeds. Its starry flowers are found in dry or rocky places, blossoming from May till July.

The common chickweed, which besets damp places everywhere, is Stellaria media; this is much used as food for songbirds.

The long-leaved stitchwort, S. longifolia, is a species which is common in grassy places, especially northward. It has linear leaves, unlike those of S. media, which are ovate or oblong.