Stem. - Twining or trailing. Leaves. - Somewhat arrow - shaped. Flowers. - Pink. Calyx. - Of five sepals enclosed in two broad leafy bracts. Corolla. - Five-lobed, bell-shaped. Stamens. - Five. Pistil. - One, with two stigmas.

Many an unsightly heap of rubbish left by the roadside is hidden by the delicate pink bells of the hedge bindweed, which again will clamber over the thickets that line the streams and about the tumbled stone-wall that marks the limit of the pasture. The pretty flowers at once suggest the morning-glory, to which they are closely allied.

The common European bindweed, C. arvensts, has white or pinkish flowers, without bracts beneath the calyx, and a low procumbent or twining stem. It has taken possession of many of our old fields where it spreads extensively and proves troublesome to farmers.