Stems. - One to two feet high. Leaves. - Oblong or lance-shaped, mostly toothed, contracted into a half-clasping leafstalk. Flowers. - Bright yellow, solitary or clustered. Calyx. - Of five sepals. Corolla. - Of five to seven oblong petals. Stamens. - Indefinite in number, occasionally few. Pistils. - Numerous in a head.

Many weeks after the marsh marigolds have passed away, just such marshy places as they affected are brightly flecked with gold. Wondering, perhaps, if they can be flowering for the second time in the season, we wade recklessly into the bog to rescue, not the marsh marigold, but its near relation, the spearwort, which is still more closely related to the buttercup, as a little comparison of the two flowers will show. This plant is especially common at the North.