Stem. - Smooth and branching. Leaves. - Ovate, wavy-toothed or angled. Flowers. - White, large and showy, on short flower-stalks from the forks of the branching stem. Calyx. - Five-toothed. Corolla. - Funnel-form, the border five-toothed. Stamens. - Five. Pistil. - One. Fruit. - Green, globular, prickly.

The showy white flowers of the thorn-apple are found in waste places during the summer and autumn, a heap of rubbish forming their usual unattractive background. The plant is a rank, ill-scented one, which was introduced into our country from Asia.

It was so associated with civilization as to be called the "white man's plant " by the Indians.

Its purple-flowered relative, D. Tatula, is an emigrant from the tropics. This genus possesses narcotic-poisonous properties.