Agaricus Procerus, Or Parasol Mushroom


Pileus. Brown from first to last; thick skinned, very scaly and shaggy; at first egg-shaped, then swollen, finally expanded, a little point in the centre becoming prominent; always pliable and leathery.

Gills. Pure white.

Stem. Fibrous, hollow, equal in size, freckled, deeply sunk into the cap, from which it withdraws free from the gills, leaving a deep socket.

Volva. None; veil ragged, ring well defined and movable.

Spokes. White. Taste sweetish, not marked; odor slight.

GRows in open fields and lawns or margins of forests.

How To Cook

Stew in milk or cream as directed under Plate II., except that this mushroom is dry and firm, and more liquid may be used, for it will make little or no gravy of its own. It is not of suitable character to be stewed in water, but is very good broiled, requiring the liberal use of butter, or placed under meat as directed with the edible Russulas.