1. Boletus felleus. Bitter Boletus.

2. Boletus alveolatus, Crimson Boletus.

3, 4. Boletus luridus, Lurid Boletus.

Poisonous Or Suspicious Boleti

Figure 1 above is very much like Figures 2 and 3, Plate VII., of Edible Mushrooms, from which it is easily distinguished by its bitter taste and rosy tubes. Figure 2 is a distinctively American species, and the authority for suspecting it is found in the fact that all Boleti which have red or red-mouthed tubes have been considered poisonous. Although valuable for an illustration of the lurid Boleti, this variety is probably edible. FIGURE 3 is easily confounded with Figures 4 and 5, Plate VII., of Edible Mushrooms, if attention is not paid to the color of the tubes.