Evergreen bog shrubs. Twigs slender, somewhat 3-sided; pith small, 3-sided, continuous. Buds small, solitary, sessile, ovoid, subglobose or conical. Leaves alternate, simple, entire. Leaf-scars small,half-round or triangular; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars none. Fruit a globose capsule persistent in winter.

Fig. 254. Andromeda glaucophylla

Fig. 254. Andromeda glaucophylla.

1. A. glaucophylla Link. Bog Rosemary. Low shrub to 1 m. high, usually little branched; leaves linear or linear-oblong, prominently whitened beneath, 2.5-6 cm. long, the margins strongly revolute; capsule 4 mm. long. Bogs, Greenland to Manitoba, south to West Virginia, Indiana, and Minnesota (Fig. 254).