Soft-wooded tardily deciduous shrubs with resin-passages. Twigs slender, about 8-ridged, green; pith small, crenulate, pale, continuous. Buds rather small, solitary, sessile, nearly-globose, with about 4 exposed scales, more or less enclosed in hardened greenish resin. Leaf-scars alternate, small, angularly crescent-shaped, slightly raised, decurrent in ridges from the angles; bundle-traces 3; stipule-scars lacking.

Fig. 313. Baccharis halimifolia

Fig. 313. Baccharis halimifolia.

1. B. halimifolia L. Groundsel-Tree. Shrub 1-3 m. high, glabrous but somewhat scurfy; branches angled. Thickets, on the coastal plain, Florida to Texas and Mexico, north to Massachusetts (Fig. 313 ).