Aromatic deciduous shrubs, sparingly branched. Twigs moderate, compressed at the nodes; pith relatively large, somewhat 6-sided, white, continuous. Buds several in a single bud-like aggregate, sessile, round, brown-hairy, without evident scales. Leaf-scars opposite, horseshoe-shaped, raised; bundle-traces 3; stipule-scars none.

Fig. 107. Calycanthus fertilis

Fig. 107. Calycanthus fertilis.

Fig. 108. Calycanthus floridus

Fig. 108. Calycanthus floridus.

All parts of the plants and particularly the dried wood yield a pleasant fragrance, suggesting the common names Sweet-Scented Shrub, or Sweet Shrub (or sometimes merely "Shrub").


Twigs glabrescent or puberulous


C. fertiiis


Twigs more or less persistently villous


C. floridus

1. C. fertilis Walt. Smooth Strawberry-Shrub. A branching shrub 12-27 dm. high, the branchlets glabrescent or slightly puberulous. Rich woods in the mountains, Georgia and Alabama, north to Pennsylvania (Fig. 107).

2. C. floridus L. Hairy Strawberry-Shrub. A branching shrub 6-27 dm. high, the branchlets more or less persistently villous. Rich woods, Florida to Mississippi, north to Virginia and West Virginia (Fig. 108).