Straggling deciduous shrubs, usually climbing, often by aerial roots. Twigs moderate, warty; pith pale, continuous, or excavated at the nodes. Buds small, solitary, sessile, triangular,compressed, with 2 or 3 pairs of visible scales. Leaf-scars opposite, shield-shaped; bundle-trace 1, crescent-shaped, compound; stipule-scars none but leaf-scars connected by hairy ridges. Tecoma Juss.

Fig. 288. Campsis radicans

Fig. 288. Campsis radicans.

1. C. radicans (L.) Seem. Trumpet Creeper. Climbing or trailing, to 10 m. or more; aerial roots abundant, in two rows; twigs puberulent or scabrous; capsule elongated, flattened, 8-12 cm. long. Thickets, Florida to Texas, north to New Jersey, West Virginia, and Iowa; naturalized northwards, an aggressive weed southwards (Fig. 288).