Low deciduous shrubs. Twigs slender, rounded, puberulent; pith large, white, continuous. Buds small, solitary, sessile, ovoid. Leaf-scars alternate, half-elliptical, small; bundle-trace 1, transverse, sometimes compound; stipules small, persistent, or leaving narrow scars. The dry capsules and/or their bases are present in winter, like miniature cups-and-saucers.

1. C. americanus L. New Jersey Tea. Red-Root. Low unarmed shrub about 1 m. high, with slender upright branches; roots dark red; twigs slender, puberulent, green or brownish. Dry banks, Quebec to Manitoba, south to Florida and Texas (Fig. 208).

Fig. 208. Ceanothus americanus

Fig. 208. Ceanothus americanus.