Deciduous shrubs. Twigs slender, round, glabrous; pith small, more or less angled, brown, continuous. Buds solitary, sessile, conical, in depressed areas above the leaf-scars; terminal bud lacking. Leaf-scars in whorls of 3, or opposite, roundish; bundle-trace 1, U-shaped; stipule-scars or persistent stipules connecting the leaf-scars.

Fig. 292. Cephalanthus occidentalis

Fig. 292. Cephalanthus occidentalis.

1. C. occidentalis L. Buttonbush. Deciduous shrub to 5 m. tall; twigs reddish and glossy. Swamps and stream-margins, Florida to Mexico, north to Nova Scotia, Ontario, Oklahoma, and California; also in the West Indies (Fig. 292 ).