Deciduous shrubs. Twigs terete, moderate, straw-colored or brownish; pith pale, continuous, moderate. Buds solitary or superposed, sessile, oblong, appressed. Leaf-scars opposite or occasionally whorled, triangular, moderate, connected by lines; bundle-traces 3; stipule-traces none. Capsules linear, persisting in winter.

Fig. 293. Diervilla lonicera

Fig. 293. Diervilla lonicera.

1. D. lonicera Mill. Bush Honeysuckle. Upright soft-wooded shrub 1 m. or less high; bark grayish-brown; twigs with two ridges decurrent from the nodes, glabrous except for the ridges; capsule glabrous, 8 mm. long, beaked. Dry rocky places, Newfoundland to Manitoba, south to North Carolina, Indiana, and Iowa (Fig. 293 ).