Large, deciduous, rough-barked tree. Twigs thick, terete or 3-sided; pith large, round, continuous, salmon-colored. Buds superposed, in raised silky pits; end-bud lacking. Leaf-scars alternate, large, heart-shaped; bundle-traces 3 or 5, rather indefinite and divided; stipule-scars minute or lacking.

Fig. 168. Gymnocladus dioica

Fig. 168. Gymnocladus dioica.

1. G. dioica (L.) K. Koch. Kentucky Coffeetree. A tree 35 m. tall, or less; bark varying from gray to dark brown, characterized by sharp horny ridges; twigs very thick, finely pubescent, often . coated with a crusty film, marked with fine lenticels; buds small, downy, deeply sunken, surrounded by an incurved hairy ring of bark; pods 1-2 dm. long, 3-4 cm. broad, often persisting until late winter. Rich woods, New York to South Dakota, south to Tennessee and Missouri; cultivated and naturalized eastwards and northwards (Fig. 168).