Small deciduous shrubs. Twigs slender,rounded, glabrescent; pith small, continuous, white,bordered with green. Buds not evident, covered by branch vestiges. Leaf-scars alternate, half-round, raised, decurrent in short ridges; bundle-traces about 4, indistinct; stipule-scars small.

Fig. 221. Hibiscus syriacus

Fig. 221. Hibiscus syriacus.

1. H. syriacus L. Rose of Sharon. Shrubby Althaea. Shrub to 3 m. high, or more; twigs gray, at first villous, then glabrous; fruit a capsule 2. 5 cm. long, persistent into winter. Introduced from Asia as a cultivated ornamental, established in roadsides (Fig. 221).