Trees with horizontal or ascending branches and small deciduous leaves, mostly clustered at the ends of short stubby branchlets. Cones ovoid or cylindric, small, erect, the scales thin, persistent.

Fig. 8. Larix laricina

Fig. 8. Larix laricina.

1. _L. laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch. Larch. Tamarack. A slender tree 10-20 m. high, 3-6 dm. in diameter, the branches spreading; bark thin, roughened with small, rounded, red-brown scales; twigs slender, orange, pith minute, brown, roundish; buds solitary, sessile, globose or short-ovoid, with numerous brown scales; leaf-scars minute, alternate, raised on decurrent bases, mostly closely clustered on spurs that elongate very slowly; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars none; cones less than 2 cm. long, persistent into winter. Labrador to Alaska, south mostly in swamps to Minnesota and the mountains of West Virginia (Fig. 8).