Evergreen bog shrubs. Twigs rather slender, rounded; pith small, somewhat 3-sided, spongy, brownish. Buds solitary, sessile, somewhat compressed, small, with about 3 exposed scales; the terminal inflorescence buds large, round or ovoid, with about 10 broad glandular-dotted scales. Leaves alternate, simple, entire, elliptical or oblong. Leaf-scars half-elliptical or cordate, the lowest linear; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars lacking.

Fig. 241. Ledum groenlandicum

Fig. 241. Ledum groenlandicum.

1. L. groenlandicum Oeder. Labrador-Tea. Erect shrub, 1 m. or less high; leaves evergreen, oblong or linear-oblong, entire, revolute, clothed with rusty wool underneath, 2-5 cm. long. Bogs and acid soil, Greenland to Alaska, south to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alberta and Washington (Fig. 241).