Evergreen or deciduous shrubs. Twigs rather slender, sub-terete; pith roundish or somewhat 3-sided, continuous. Buds small, solitary, sessile, globose or ovoid, with 3 or 4 exposed scales, the end-bud lacking. Leaf-scars alternate, small, crescent-shaped or half-round; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars lacking. Capsules small, depressed-globose, often present in winter.

Fig. 257. Leucorhoe recurva

Fig. 257. Leucorhoe recurva.


Leaves evergreen


L. editorum


Leaves deciduous

b. Capsules deeply 5-lobed; racemes curved


L. recurva

b. Capsules not lobed; racemes straight


L. racemosa

1. L. editorum (Fernald and Schub.) Dog-Hobble. Switch-Ivy. (L. catesbaei Gray). Shrub to 2 m. high, with loosely spreading branches; leaves evergreen, ovate-lanceolate, pointed, closely serrulate, up to 1. 5 dm. long. Moist woods, along the mountains from Virginia to Georgia.

2. L. recurva (Buckley) Gray. Fetterbush. A widely-branched deciduous shrub, 0.8-3 m. high; capsules 4 mm. in. diameter, deeply 5-lobed; racemes curved. Dry soil, mountains from Virginia and West Virginia to Alabama (Fig. 257).

3. L. racemosa (L.) Gray. Fetterbush. Shrub up to 4 m. high, with ascending branches; capsules scarcely lobed; racemes straight. Moist thickets, mostly on the coastal plain, Florida to Louisiana, north to Massachusetts.