Aromatic deciduous shrubs. Twigs rounded, slender, green; pith relatively large, round, white, continuous. Buds rather small, superposed; flower-buds collaterally multiple, green, globose, stalked; terminal bud absent. Leaf-scars alternate, crescent-shaped or half-round, small; bundle-traces 3, or sometimes confluent; stipule-scars none. Fruit an obovoid or oblong drupe. Benzoin Fabricius.

Fig. III. Lindera benzoin

Fig. III. Lindera benzoin.

1. L. benzoin (L.) Blume. Spicebush. A shrub 2-5 m. high; twigs and buds glabrous; drupe red, 8-10 mm. high. Damp woods, Maine to Ontario and Iowa, south to Florida and Texas (Fig. 111).