Conical deciduous trees, with a resinous sap. Twigs moderate, terete and smooth or with variously developed corky ridges; pith angled, continuous or nearly so, white or brownish. Buds solitary, ovoid, with about 6 exposed scales. Leaf-scars alternate, elliptical or triangular; bundle-traces 3, large; stipule-scars none.

Fig. 122. Liquidambar styraciflua

Fig. 122. Liquidambar styraciflua.

Fig. 125. Spiraea alba

Fig. 125. Spiraea alba.

Fig. 126. Spiraea latifolia

Fig. 126. Spiraea latifolia.

Fig. 127. Spiraea tomentosa

Fig. 127. Spiraea tomentosa.

Fruit a long-stalked globose dry head formed by numerous somewhat cohering capsules.

1. L. styraciflua L. Sweetgum. A tree 15-35 m. high, the trunk 6-12 dm. in diameter, the bark very rough; branches often winged with corky ridges; twigs shiny, green or brown, aromatic; buds 6-12 mm. long, the scales orange-brown. Moist woods, Florida to Texas, Mexico and Central America, north to New York, Ohio and Missouri (Fig. 122).