Large deciduous trees. Twigs moderate, terete; pith rounded, pale, continuous, with firmer plates at intervals. Buds solitary or superposed, the lateral small, sessile, the terminal much larger, oblong, somewhat stalked, compressed, with 2 valvate scales (morphologically stipules of the topmost leaf, as in Magnolia). Leaf-scars alternate, large, round; bundle-traces many, in an irregular ellipse; stipule-scars linear, encircling the twig. Fruit, in the form of cone-like aggregates of samaras, present in winter.

1. L. tulipifera L. Tuliptree. Yellow-Poplar. A beautiful tree 25-50 m. high, 1-3 m. in diameter; twigs red-brown; terminal buds 1. 2 cm. long, shaped somewhat like a duck's bill; cone of fruit dry, oblong, acute, 7. 5 cm. long, Rich soil, Massachusetts to Ontario and Michigan, south to Florida, Louisiana, and Arkansas (Fig. 106).

Fig. 106. Liriodendron tulipifera

Fig. 106. Liriodendron tulipifera.