Deciduous trees with milky sap. Twigs moderate, rounded; pith moderate, round, continuous. Buds sessile, solitary or multiple, ovoid, oblique, with 3-6 scales; end-bud lacking. Leaf-scars alternate, round or half-round; bundle-traces numerous, scattered or in 3 groups; stipule-scars narrow.

Fig. 87. Morus rubra

Fig. 87. Morus rubra.

Fig. 88. Morus alba

Fig. 88. Morus alba.


Buds elongated, 6-8 mm. long, somewhat spreading


M. rubra


Buds triangular-ovoid, short and closely appressed


M. alba

1. M. rubra L. Red Mulberry. A tree 5-20 m. high, up to 2 m. in diameter; bark brown and rough; twigs often downy; buds spreading, 6-8 mm. long; bud-scales brown-margined. Rich woods, Ontario to Minnesota and South Dakota, south to Florida and Texas (Fig. 87).

2. M. alba L. White Mulberry. A small tree, sometimes 14 m. high and 1 m. in diameter; bark light gray, rough, the branches spreading; buds appressed, 3-4 mm. long; bud-scales generally uniformly colored. Introduced from Europe, much spread from cultivation and naturalized (Fig. 88).