Deciduous shrub with light-colored bark. Twigs slender, often remaining rather short; pith small, continuous. Buds ovoid, solitary, small, sessile, pointed at the apex, with 2 ciliate scales. Leaf-scars raised, triangular or crescent-shaped; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars none. Fruit red, long-stalked, persistent in winter.


Buds not appressed


I. verticillata

Fig. 187. Nemopanthus mucronata

Fig. 187. Nemopanthus mucronata.

1. N. mucronata (L.) Trel. Wild Holly. Erect shrub, 0. 3-3 m. high, with ash-colored bark; twigs slender, glaucous-purplish, becoming gray; pith small, continuous; fruits red or pale yellow. Swamps, Newfoundland to Minnesota, south to Illinois, Ohio and West Virginia (Fig. 187).