Small or medium-sized deciduous tree. Twigs slender, zigzag; pith pale, continuous. Buds rather small, conical-globose, solitary, sessile, with about 6 scales; terminal bud lacking. Leaf-scars alternate, small, half-round; bundle-trace 1, curved; stipule-scars none. Small capsules (in one-sided racemes clustered in panicles) present in winter.

Fig. 258. Oxydendrum arboreum

Fig. 258. Oxydendrum arboreum.

1. O. arboreum (L.) DC. Sourwood. A tree to 25 m. high but usually much smaller; bark deeply fissured; twigs glabrous or sparingly puberulous, olive or bright red; capsule 5 mm. long. Acid woods, Florida to Louisiana, north to Pennsylvania and Indiana (Fig. 258).