Medium-sized deciduous trees. Twigs thick, compressed at the nodes; pith large, white, round, chambered or excavated between the nodes. Buds often superposed, sessile, hemispheric, with about 4 scales; terminal bud lacking. Leaf-scars opposite, large, nearly elliptic; bundle-traces numerous, in a nearly closed ellipse; stipule-scars none. Fruit an ovoid beaked capsule, remaining on the trees into the winter, after the seeds have been shed. By some authorities placed in the Bignoniaceae.

Fig. 287. Paulownia tomentosa

Fig. 287. Paulownia tomentosa.

1. P. tomentosa (Thunb.) Steud. Imperial Tree. Tree reaching a height of 15 m. and a diameter of 1 m.; bark thin, flaky; branches thick, spreading; twigs soft-pubescent when young, becoming glabrous; capsules 3-4 cm. long, woody. Introduced from Asia, spread from cultivation and extensively naturalized (Fig. 287 ).