Evergreen shrubs or small trees. Twigs slender; pith obscurely 3-sided, continuous. Buds small, globose, the terminal one lacking. Leaves alternate, lanceolate-oblong. Leaf-scars small, half-round; bundle-trace 1; stipule-scars none. Fruit a globose capsule, present in the winter along with the terminal and axillary racemes or panicles of next season's flowers.

Fig. 255. Pieris floribunda

Fig. 255. Pieris floribunda.

1. P. floribunda (Pursh) B. and H. Mountain Fetterbush. (Andromeda floribunda Pursh). Erect shrubs to 2 m. high; leaves elliptic-ovate to oblong-lanceolate, 3-8 cm. long, acute or acuminate, crenate-serrulate, ciliate; capsule globose-ovoid, 5-6 mm. long. Moist soil, in the Alleghenies, West Virginia to Georgia (Fig. 255).