Deciduous shrubs or small trees. Twigs moderate, warty-dotted; pith large, continuous, white. Buds moderate, superposed, silvery-silky, low-conical, sessile, breaking through the leaf-scars; terminal bud lacking. Leaf-scars alternate, relatively large, U-shaped when torn by the buds; bundle-traces 3; stipule-scars none.

Fig. 174. Ptelea trifoliata

Fig. 174. Ptelea trifoliata.

1. P. trifoliata L. Hoptree. A shrub or small tree, up to 8 m. high, without prickles; twigs buff, glabrous (or pubescent in the var. mollis T. and G.); fruit a yellowish suborbicular samara with broad veiny wings, 1. 8-2. 5 cm. in diameter, persistent in winter. Thickets, Quebec to Ontario and Nebraska, south to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Mexico (Fig. 174).