Deciduous trees with shreddy bark, often buttressed when large and in very wet places surrounded by large conical "knees" growing upwards from the roots. Cones small, ellipsoid, with thickened scales.

Fig. 18. Taxodium distichum

Fig. 18. Taxodium distichum.

1. T. distichum (L.) Richard.Bald-Cypress. Tree to 40 m. high, 9-15 dm. in diameter, the base conical or abruptly enlarged, more or less ridged; bark fibrous or scaly, thin, reddish-brown; twigs slender; pith minute, brown, roundish; buds sessile, minute, subglobose; leaf-and stipule-scars lacking. Swamps, Florida to Texas, north to New Jersey, Kentucky and Oklahoma (Fig. 18).