Evergreen trees with slender horizontal or drooping branches and flat narrowly linear alternate leaves, spreading and appearing 2-ranked, attached to very short stalks (sterigmata), quickly falling when dry. Cones small, ovoid or oblong, pendulous, the scales thin, obtuse, persistent.

Fig. 3. Tsuga canadensis

Fig. 3. Tsuga canadensis.

1. T. canadensis (L.) Carr. Hemlock. A tall tree, 20-35 m. high, 6-12 dm. in diameter, with gracefully spreading spray;bark deeply fissured on old trunks, with prominent rounded ridges; foliage delicate, dense; leaves short-petioled, linear, obtuse, 8-13 mm. long; cones ovoid, 1.5-2.5 cm. long, maturing the first autumn, the scales nearly orbicular. Woods, New Brunswick to Minnesota, south along the mountains to Georgia and Alabama (Fig. 3).