Welsh, Lys yr ysgyfaint, Llysiau Mair, Llaeth bron Mair, Nodwydd ddyur Eva, Clystiau derw (P. maritima, Glesyn y morlan). - French, Pulmonaire. - German, Lungenkraut. - Dutch, Longekruid. - Italian, Polmonaria. - Spanish and Portuguese, Pulmonaria. - Polish, Plucnik. - Russian, Me-duniza.


Pentandria. Monogynia.




Though some mystical sanctity has always been attached to this pretty little plant, and though great virtue has been everywhere attributed to its juices - which, however, some old writers declare to be most pernicious - yet it is curious that her-balist, and collector of legendary lore, seem alike to have omitted it in their catalogues; so that little is now known of the estimation in which it was formerly held, except what may be gathered from the reverential regard still shewn for it by the peasantry, who consider it propitious to secure a plant of it for their gardens, though quite un-able to give any reason for the preference. The greater part of the names given above point merely:

COMMON LUNGWORT. Pulmonaria officinalis.

COMMON LUNGWORT. Pulmonaria officinalis.

Landau . Published by John Van Voorst, 1858 .