Boston Brown Bread with Yeast

One pint of corn meal, one-half of a pint of rye meal, one-half of a pint of graham flour, one-half of a pint of wheat flour; mix all with one teaspoonful of salt. Dissolve one yeast cake with one-half of a cup of molasses and one quart of buttermilk or sour milk and one-half of a teaspoonful of soda. If fresh milk is used, take a little more yeast and no soda; mix all well, and if too stiff add a little water. Make no stiffer than corn muffins; put in well greased, deep tins, with cover; do not fill them half full. Set in a pan with one and one-half inches of water, so as to steam or boil from bottom, or bake in a steamer. Bake three or four hours in a medium oven; after two hours cool down the oven to 360 degrees.

Boston Brown Bread with Baking Powder

Ingredients are the same as above, only use in place of the yeast two tablespoonfuls of good baking powder.