Improved New Year Cakes

Two and one-fourth pounds of sugar, two pounds of butter, one-half of an ounce of ammonia, a pinch of soda, one pint of water (good measure), six and one-fourth pounds of flour; lemon flavor. M:x and bake as above.

Sponge Biscuits

One and one-half pounds of powdered sugar beaten up with fifteen eggs and one-half of an ounce of soda; vanilla; then add two and one-fourth pounds of pastry flour with one ounce of cream of tartar. Drop on lightly greased flour-dusted tins. Bake in a moderate heat; cut loose at once; ice on bottom.

Fancy Cup Cakes

Cream together one and one-fourth pounds of sugar, nine ounces of butter and lard, seven eggs, and egg coloring; add one pint of milk with one-half of an ounce of ammonia, then two and one-fourth pounds of flour; grease little scalloped moulds very lightly, half fill, sprinkle with currants and bake hot, at 400 degrees.

Cup Cakes

Same mixture as above, only grease plain cups better, and warm them before filling; frost with vanilla frosting.

Extra Cup Cakes

Cream together one pound of butter and lard with two pounds of sugar, eight eggs, one and three-fourth pints of milk, vanilla, three and one-fourth pounds of flour with two ounces of baking powder.

Pound Cup Cakes

Cream one pound of sugar with six ounces of butter; add six eggs, one at a time; one-third of a pint of milk; mix in lightly one and one-fourth pounds of pastry flour with one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder. Grease and warm large cup cake tins and fill them half full. Bake medium hot. Ice on bottom and sides with boiled cream frosting; flavor with lemon juice only.

Rock Cakes

Two pounds of sugar, four pounds of flour, and two pounds of lard and butter; mix up dry. Dissolve one-half of an ounce of ammonia in one and one-half pints of milk and six eggs; flavor with lemon; mix all well and roll in long strips, one inch thick; cut in small pieces, lay out on tins, press down with fork; mix some with currants also; wash like lemon snaps. Bake at 400 degrees.

Extra Lemon Snaps

Two and one-half pounds of sugar and two and three-fourth pounds of pastry flour, rub dry with eighteen ounces of washed butter; mix together one pint of eggs, egg coloring, one half of an ounce of ammonia, one teaspoonful of lemon extract. Bake at 340 to 350 degrees.

Lemon Snaps, Crisp

Mix three pounds of powdered sugar, one pound of butter, one-fourth of a pound of lard, two ounces of baking powder, four and one-half pounds of flour; then add ten yolks or four eggs, three-fourths of a pint of milk, one spoonful of lemon extract, one fourth of an ounce of ammonia. Wash with the following: One tablespoonful of desiccated egg food or two eggs, a little milk, one tablespoonful of cornstarch, one-half of a spoonful of salt; mix all together well. Bake at 370 degrees on ungreased tins.

Orange Crescents

Line a shallow tin with paper and fill three-fourths of an inch thick with the following mixture: One-half of a pound of butter and lard, three-fourths of a pound of sugar; add slowly five eggs, one-third of a pint of milk, the juice and peel of one orange; then one pound of flour with one-half ounce of baking powder. Bake in medium heat, then turn out on sugared paper. When cold, ice on bottom with orange, and cut with plain round cutters in half-moon shape. Dip your cutter in water occasionally. This is a very valuable recipe, as it never fails; you can bake it very quickly or slower, if thick.