Chocolate Diamonds

Take the preceding sheet, ice with chocolate while warm, cut in diamonds and on top of each set one silver dragee.

Fried Cakes

Stir together eight eggs, one and one-half pounds of sugar, one-fourth of a pound of butter; then add one quart of milk, salt, mace, and four and one-half pounds of pastry flour with two ounces of baking powder; mix light, so it will not be tough. Have the grease hot before you cut them out, and turn them over before they commence to break on top.

Doughnuts or Crullers

Five eggs, twenty ounces of sugar, one and one+fourth quarts of milk, one-fourth of a pound of butter, salt, mace or vanilla flavor; then add four pounds of pastry flour with two ounces of baking powder. Roll out the same as for fried cakes, cut out with cruller cutter, and pull the right upper corner through the second cut. Bake at once. When cold, roll in powdered sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon mixed. If you want to use sour milk, use one-half ounce of soda in the milk, and one ounce of cream of tartar in the flour.

Raised Doughnuts

Dissolve one ounce of yeast in one and one-half quarts of warm milk; add three-fourths of a pound of sugar, three ounces of butter, four eggs or ten yolks, salt, mace, mix with enough flour to make medium soft dough (half pastry and half spring wheat flour); set away to raise. Push down well; let rest a short time and roll out one-third of an inch thick, cut with fried cake cutter; let lay a minute and fry hot.

Christmas Mixture

Mix together two pounds of granulated and light brown sugar, eighteen ounces of butter, one quart of milk, with one teaspoonful of ammonia and three pounds of flour; make a dough like sugar cakes; cut in different shapes.

Jelly Doughnuts (Bismarks)

The same dough as Raised Doughnuts. Break and roll up like biscuits, only smaller; let raise some, then flatten, lay in the center a teaspoonful of jam or hard jelly. Pull the dough from all sides over the top; set on a cloth dusted with flour and cover up well in a warm place. When raised to over double their size, pick up carefully, and fry slowly on both sides.

Cocoanut Wafers

Three pounds of sugar, one and one-half pounds of butter, one-half pound of lard, ten eggs; mix together; flavor with vanilla. Dissolve one ounce of ammonia in one pint of milk and add to the above; also six pounds of pastry flour, salt, and one-half pound of grated cocoanut. Roll out like sugar cookies; wash with egg, dip in cocoa-nut and bake like sugar cakes. If too stiff, add a little more milk.